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You may rarely see or hear of a more diverse collection of collaborative artists. All of the artists below are featured in Have We Put Out The Fire? To book any of the artists individually, get in touch with them at the personal contacts provided. To book a Shindig collaboration show involving two or more of these artists, email

Avhashoni Mainganye

Avhashoni Mainganye is one of Limpopo’s legendary artists, a painter and photographer who has travelled the world showcasing his talents and experiences. Yet to this day Avhashoni maintains the most humble of spirits and commits his days to training and mentoring young artists in his home town of Thohoyandou. Though his work is internationally recognised and acclaimed, Avhashoni still lives for the development of younger artists and has been one of the greatest reasons for the expansion of fine arts in South Africa. Contact Avhashoni at

Black Market Ace

Black Market Ace is a hip-hop arts and culture collective based in Polokwane, featuring ShiИdig Awé! emcees Poet!, Les and Over. Contact them at or on Facebook at “Black Mrkt”.

Chanel Badenhorst

Chanel Badenhorst  says “I am a painter and sketcher and new-boeremeisie who loves all forms of creative enterprise. I moved from Cape town to Limpopo Province at the end of 2010 and now reside on a beautiful bushveld farm with my 4-ry-old son Josh and fellow artist Louis. The city life became restricting and my creative career needed some earth and ground.” Chanel earned a BA in Fine Arts at Michaelis School of Fine Art (Cape Town), a post-graduate diploma in Visual Arts through UNISA, and is in the process of completing a Masters in Visual Arts. Last year, Chanel founded ARTScHool, her own private arts academy in Polokwane. Contact Chanel:

Dennias Mashegwane

Dennias Mashegwane says “Nobody believes in singing paintings and dancing sculptures, it’s only in music where you bring music to the blind and it becomes a beautiful dance to the deaf, then you can see the kind of fusion that at the end of the day allows freedom to locate itself in humankind.” Dennias is a multi-instrumentalist who has travelled widely in his endeavor to make people understand his unique concept of artistic fusion and importance of including so-called “disabled” people into the arts. He is based in Ga-Sekhukhune, Limpopo. Contact Dennias at

Dice & Scarf

Dice & Scarf is a new-age live fusion band based in Polokwane exploring traditional, latin, rock, neo-soul, dubstep, electro, gospel, pop, reggae, and hip-hop, to add to their afro-soul roots. Founded in 2009 by “The Dice” better known as Juda “Bloq” Mokone (lead vocalist, guitarist, percussionist, composer and song-writer) and “The Scarf” better known as Onkabetse “Flo” Hlabyago (vocalist, song-writer, bassist and guitarist), the duo is consistent at creating new possibilities of fusion composition with an open-minded and skills-driven approach to their creative process. Dice & Scarf has shared prestigious stages with the likes of 340ml, Zonke and Bruce Dope Sibitlo and has been hosted by some of the country’s finest production houses as well as 2010 World Cup (Opening of the Polokwane Stadium), Polokwane Alive, 2009 Battle of the Bands winners, and headline band for Kgorong Festival. Find Dice & Scarf on Facebook at “One Love” or contact them at

Hazel Hotny Tobo

Hazel Hotny Tobo is a poet, spoken-word artist and emerging script writer originating from Polokwane but currently studying and residing in Johannesburg. She started writing at the age of 11 when she needed a shoulder to lean on, and she’s obsessed with guitars and drums. Find Hazel on Facebook or contact her at

Louis van Tonder

Louis van Tonder says “I have done art as long as I can remember and am self-taught. My first one-man show was in 1983 with pencil drawings and the entire exhibition was stolen. After a very confusing military stint (conscription was the law), I flipped out and went to Europe were I became one of those street artists drawing on sidewalks and walls in Switzerland, England, Italy, Germany, Bosnia, and Greece. I finally cracked it with a giant 3-story mural in Amsterdam with 2000 tubes of oils and after that I was paid very well for seven years doing murals. One of my sculptures was in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. I also made anti-Apartheid posters all over Europe. In 2003l long after I’d returned to South Africa, we built a cultural village in Malamulele, Limpopo for the psy-trance party at the solar eclipse. Limpopo never really left my veins, and three years ago I moved here and have been very quiet on my farm till Chanel moved here and the shindiggas found us. Here we go again!” When Louis returned to Cape Town in 1995 he and his partner launched a music and arts company called Alien Safari, within which he invented his own style of psychedelic techno tribal designs that became internationally recognised. He’s designed CD covers for several international bands. His club Afro-Galactic in Cape Town became an artistic melting pot as studio and meeting place for like-minded musicians and artists.

Mukondi Knowledge Makhwara

Mukondi Knowledge Makhwara is the creator, ie. artist, community worker, dedicated father and educator. Based in his hometown of Thohoyandou, Knowledge’s first love is the land and people of Venda’s rural areas, where he believes people are living a truly human life. He is currently producing his debut Afro-jazz album and is also featured on Contact Knowledge at

Xtreme Sanity

Xtreme Sanity (born MERCY DHLIWAYO) is a Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) born emcee, poet, and
writer based in Limpopo province and Pretoria. Through her artistic endeavors, and more specifically
through her involvement in hip-hop and poetry, Xtreme has been a voice against moral decay,
social iniquities and injustices that affect the masses. The content of her spoken word thus
addresses issues ranging from redressing social inequities, woman empowerment, identity, and
emancipation of the self.  Find Xtreme on Facebook or contact her:

Founding artists of ShiИdig Awé!

Joel Karabo Elliott

Joel Karabo Elliott says “I’m a journeyer, a seeker, a lover and a capitalist with nothing to sell. I came to Limpopo in 2008 after growing up in the USA, seeking a new life and vision outside the confines of social, economic and religious ladders. For me, ShiИdig Awé! helps to fill that great void for authentic collective creation that exists in our overly-scripted world.” jKe is an American Mosotho singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in GaMphahlele and Haenertsburg in Limpopo and also occasionally (though sometimes unwillingly) in Joburg. A recording and performing artist in the USA and South Africa, jKe collaborates across the traditional boundaries of jazz, classical and pop music. Aside from singing and playing, Karabo spends his days training and mentoring rural-based youth in creative/artistic skills and community development and has helped launch a unique sustainable agriculture project, Lammangata Moringa. Find jKe on Facebook or contact him at

Tawanda thebrownman Mhandu

Tawanda thebrownman Mhandu says “I’ve never seen a black man in my life and I never will.” A painter, sketcher, crafter, sand artist and illustrator/cartoonist, Thebrownman originally hails from about five different places in Zimbabwe but has settled for the past few years in Limpopo. He avoids what he already knows and gets bored if he’s forced to stick to one genre of media. Also passionate about community development, Thebrownman mentors young artists in the Bjatladi region of Limpopo and illustrates community stories surrounding health and social development issues. Find Thebrownman on Facebook or contact him at

"jKe & thebrownman collaborate in spontaneous musical-visual synthesis: Stone Aged Souls"