ShiNdig Awe
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The shindig is…

Artist collective

ShiИdig Awé! is an ever-growing community of artist-creators who fuse the ancient and modern and collaborate spontaneously together in unexpected ways. We are musicians, poets, writers, visual artists, dancers and actors who perform together, fusing the arts in performance and publication.

ShiИdig Awé! connects artists of diverse backgrounds and artistic genres to…

Create… new artistic collaborations, new compositions, new platforms for performance
Train… youth possessing creative inclination to harness-expand artistic & intellectual potential
Perform… in unique venues, with fresh artistic fusions, for diverse audiences
Transcend… modern ways of thinking, creatively bankrupt ways of living, divisive ways of defining

An invitation 

ShiИdig Awé! is an invitation to explore and express your true creative genius, to mine beyond mental layers committed to conformity, fear and control. It is a call to our human essence and the human need for spontaneous artistic creation and collaboration. Here, in this dynamic space, we understand that life lived according to patterns and norms is dead, thus the universal need to create. We also believe that true art can never be judged by its market value but rather by its authenticity and originality. So, cease the drab patterns of mechanized modern life and join the shindig! Live indiGENIUSly. Through our collaborations, projects, publications and performances, ShiИdig Awé! aims to share, cultivate and expand the reality that the universal human vocation is to create and transcend.

The ShiNdig (Live Performance)

ShiИdig Awé! concerts, popularly known simply as “shindigs”, are the essence of what we do. The shindig blends many art forms in live performance by artists of diverse age and cultural background. It is a radical blend of styles, genres, experiences and wisdom sources, joining traditional, modern, and experimental sounds, styles and philosophies. The shindig emits the rare energy of spontaneity and improvisation. It is 100% fusion and uncompromisingly creative, and it encourages audience participation and engagement, breaking down the traditional separation between artists and audience. All in all, a shindig stokes the fire within all of us for spontaneous, liberated artistic expression without cultural or ideological limitations.


The circle of musical, visual and word artists initially forming ShiИdig Awé! are based in Limpopo province in South Africa, but our origins form a rainbow-like diversity of racial, cultural and national backgrounds. We came together out of a desire to conceive fresh trans-artistic collaborations, break out of the box of typical, market-driven artistic endeavours, and generate new platforms for performance in an age where truly artistic, authentic venues are often hard to come by. ShiИdig Awé! was launched in September 2011 with a grand musical-visual experience called “Pondering The Human Journey” in the forests near Haenertsburg and has now released a trans-artistic multi-media publication called HAVE WE PUT OUT THE FIRE?. ShiИdig Awé! is funded by Village Tourism Trust via National Lotteries Development Trust Fund.